So, here I am again.

(Yes, washing my hair is the next item on my agenda!) Where to start? It's been a while since I was last here, and so much has happened in that time, mainly dull and boring work related stuff - I basically have 3 part time jobs at the moment and trying to coordinate them with all the other stuff I have to do normally has been making me very stressed out.

But luckily I have found time to do fun things, like going on motorbike trips with my hubby.

And then on Wednesday night, something fabulous happened:

But not just that, oh no. (As if that weren't fabulous enough already)

This happened as well:

For thoise of you who may not know what that is, it's a ticket to a world cup game here in Munich, in combination with an elite VIP pass!!! The whole package costs in the region of 1000 euros (i.e. about 700 pounds) and I got it for free, in fact I got paid for taking it, because one of my part time jobs is as a VIP hostess at the world cup and one of the VIPs didn't show up!

So not only did I get to sit in executive seats in the stadium and watch the game (which was fantastic in itself)

I also got to have a four course meal and champagne in the executive lounge

(Thie picture is rubbish because I was kind of embarrassed about taking it so I was literally already putting the camera away before it had even finished taking the photo!)

And I got lots of gifts and free stuff

I am so lucky!!!! And all of that was in the gorgeous new stadium in Munich

(Yes that is me in the front of the picture, but it was either see how lovely the stadium looks lit up at night, or see me. I know which I'd prefer!)

So there you go! It really was a once in a life time experience and I couldn't stop saying thank you to my boss who let me have the ticket for hours afterwards!

This entry was very heavy on photos I know, but you know what? I don't care!

Actually, I do, and hope you weren't all too bored by it, but I just wanted to post that stupid photo, although I'm regretting it already!!

After the weekend my life is looking a bit more normal, and I might get round to posting some of those background about me type entries I've been promising for ages. At the moment, it's all just too insane.

And now I'm so embarrassed by that photo that I am going to have to make a swift exit from my own website!!




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