Sorry I haven't written on here for so long (and thanks for missing me! You know who you are!) but I spent all last week in the UK and so had better things to do spending time with my mummy and my baby brother (who is 16 but will always be my baby!), which was fastastic. I also got to visit my bestest friend ever, Kirsty, who was bridesmaid at my wedding and has been one of the nicest and most marvellous people in my life since I was 3 years old! She is also quite clearly insane, as she has bought me a flight so that I can come on her hen weekend! I was really disappointed about not being able to go, but when you're unemployed like I am, there are choices that have to be made - I had to decide whether to fly home for her wedding or for her hen night (they are 1 month apart). So I decided to go the wedding, obviously! But last Wednesday when we were talking about it, she decided to pay for my flight in October so that I can do both!! I obviously tried to talk her out of it, but she insisted, and who am I to complain?! I can't wait!
So then I came home on Saturday and have been spending time with my brilliant husband since then. I loved being in England, but I miss him so much when I'm away. Everything is so much better when he's around (even though it was great anyway!)...
Anyway, boring entry. Don't have any photos on this computer, so the promised love story, Clitheroe and Munich entries will have to wait... Maybe I'll get to do one tonight, if not, tomorrow!


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