So, here we are again folks!
And once more it has been way too long since my last update. Hopefully they will become more frequent over the next couple of months though, as I have a proper job for the summer at least, and although I have a lot to do, it does mean that I spend a lot of time in front of the computer and so can pop in here most days. Even if I don't write an entry, or even comment on your entries, it doesn't mean I've not been popping by and keeping up with your news.
So, yeah, I have a job for the next three months. I got it through a temping agency and am working as a production assistant in a small tv company here in Munich. Sounds much more glamourous than it is, although I do get to meet to the odd famous person. Seems ok so far though, and the people are really nice.
We went to Nuremberg to visit Marc's family at the weekend, which is always nice. It's great the way they have accepted me into the family, although I wouldn't mind if they stopped asking me when i was going to have babies every 5 minutes ;o)
Anyway, I know this has been brief and very boring, but I need to get on now - will be back soon though with more exciting stories to tell I hope!



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