I was going to write this really cheery entry about Munich and how lovely it is etc and fill it with pictures because I'm so lucky to be able to live in this beautiful city! I mean, I would have moed anywhere to be with Marc, but it just so happens he lives in one of the most wonderful cities I have ever been to. But that will have to wait for a couple of days because I am kind of preoccupied today. I sent my passport off for a name change on April 23rd. British passports in Germany are issued by the consulate general in Düsseldorf. I included all the necessary documents and they say on their website that, provided that is the case, the turn around for applications is about 10 days. Plenty of time therefore for it to arrive before I fly back to the UK for a week on May 27th (Saturday). Or so I thought.
When it hadn't arrived by last Friday, I rang up the customer service hotline, which costs a ridiculous 1,79€ a minute. Still, if it means I get my passport in time, it's worth it, right? So I get through and the girl looks in the computer, confirms that they received my application and all the documents they needed and tell me to ring back on Wednesday (yesterday) if it wasn't there by then.
So I rang back on Tuesday because today is a bank holiday and I thought Wednesday was therefore a bit short notice. The girl once again looked on the computer, told me they still hadn't sent it out and said she's put a note on my file saying I need the passport by Friday morning at the latest. So now the passport still isn't here, it's as I said a bank holiday so the hotline is closed and I can't ring up and find out what's going on, and if my passport doesn't arrive tomorrow morning I can't fly home on Saturday aaaaaaaaargh!!!
I really don't know what would happen in that case. It's not something that's covered by travel insurance. I have to leave for the airport at 8am on Saturday morning so I won't catch the post then. I shall have to ask them tomorrow on the phone if they can have it sent by courier to the airport or something. Or maybe there's some kind of document they can fax me that would mean I could travel anyway... but until I can ring them I'm going to be worried about it. Poo.


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