Oh. My. God. Today has been ridiculous. For anyone who doesn't know or is new here (hi! Please leave me a comment ;o) I have been temping in a tv production compay since the middle of July. The job was supposed to end on the 10th October, but I was covering for a girl who was suffering from OCD and bulimia, and her stay in the hospital was extended by a month. She was supposed to come back today, and so I've told the army university that I am available for more hours as of the week after next (I am supposed to stay till 10th Nov, to bring her up to date with what's gone on whilst she's been away). Anyway, she came back today, resigned as of immediately and left again. Fair enough, if she knows that her mental health depends on getting out of here RIGHT NOW, she should (Because really? If I don't get out of here soon, my mental health may well also be at risk. It's pretty much a no brainer as to why there are currently 3 people out of a workforce of 30 off on mental health grounds). But of course, the firm now sees itself pretty much in the shit. OK, I know nobody is irreplacable, but without an editorial assistant, the whole thing would fall apart. No kidding here. These are people who are incapable of ordering lunch themselves - I get the orders around 12. Imagine them trying to organise a day on set with the make up artists, the teleprompters, the props guys etc etc. So what do they do? Of course, they all start telling me how wonderful I am and that I can't possibly leave them. Strange that, when you consider that this is the first time I've heard anything that even verges on a well done.
Anyway, much as I am sorry to be leaving some great friends I've made here, and a job that, no matter how much I complain about it, I've actually quite enjoyed over the past 4 months, there just is no way I can let this army university thing go by. This is the opportunity I've waited for. This is what I went to university for 6 years for. And I can't possibly let a guilty conscience make me miss out.

Although I do have one.

PS. I'm doing this this month:


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