Too many sweets. bleurgh.

So, here I am again in my office. Does anybody have a tried and tested method of managing not to eat an entire bag of fluffy sour yogurty type sweets once they're open? I haven't had breakfast (my regular morning dilemma - shower/ breakfast?) and am pretty hungry, but am already starting to feel sick from these stupid sweets. And please don't suggest anything ridiculous like will power, because sheesh! I am writing about how I do not want to eat these sweets anymore and am EATING THEM AS I TYPE. I have also tried putting over the other side of the room where i can't reach them, but my office chair on wheels put a damper on that idea too.
Anyway, went for a picnic with Laura and Carla last night. Was nice, but would have been even better had I not developed a strange stomach thing during the afternoon and therefore not been able to eat as much as I would have liked and get stupidly drunk. We have already decided to do it again soon though and I vow not to be ill that time. And to swim.
Daily disposition day today. Already sent them out to all the right people. Spoke to a semi-famous tv presenter and told him off for taking weeks to confirm our filming date.
My boss is cool. we got a press folder about some up and coming rapper which contained lots of photos. These kind of things always land on my desk and I write them in a list and take them to the boss. I made some stupid comment about this rapper guy being quite easy on the eyes. 10 minutes later, my boss turns up in my office and without saying a word, pins a very nice photos of this rapper guy to my notice board. directly above my wedding photos actually, which i guess is kind of ironic, but whoever said that looking and maybe even drooling a little is forbidden?


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