Things I have noticed today

Gosh, I'm full! It was my boss's birthday last Sunday, so he brought breakfast into the office today. Mind, I say breakfast, but it was more "More food than I eat in a week and that's saying something". The cheese!! And the ham!! and the bread!! and the fruit!! and the yogurt!! and the... o.k, you're getting the drift.

Things I have noticed today:
- Fruit2day (a drink that is supposed to give you your 2 portions of fruit a day in one small convenient bottle) is kind of like being forced to swallow back down your own vomit in the hope of putting it off until you get to the next bus stop (not that that ever happened to me). Which is a shame, because it's quite yummy (fruit2day and not vomit), but seriously, this is beyond orange juice with bits. This stuff has chunks you have to chew!!
- The titles of Ronan Keating's songs are so similar that I am incapable of remembering one for the amount of time it takes to switch from my Outlook to the Excel table I have to enter them into.
- If you work for a german record company, the chances are you are called Daniela or Katharina.
- I would rather watch german schlager music on GoldStarTv than Mick Hucknall. In fact, I'd probably rather swallow my own vomit than listen to Mick Hucknall...


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