Good news!!

God, today is loooooooong. Had a really hard time getting up this morning and the day has not got any better.
Could somebody tell me why on earth I always manage to drink one bottle of water by 4pm, when I still have long enough to go to get thirsty again, but not to drink another bottle without wetting myself on the train on the way home?
Marc was away for 2 nights last week. The first night I hardly managed to sleep at all - not because I was pining for him, but because the flat was making all sorts of strange noises that I don't normally notice when he's snoring next to me ;o) No, of course I missed him, although it was actually quite nice to have the flat to myself, particularly in the mornings when I normally creep about trying not to wake him. I'm not a morning person myself but I must admit, I was dancing about those 2 mornings JUST BECAUSE I COULD!!
In work related news, I finally got myself a research related job. It's only 1 day a week at the local army university (all soldiers who want to be officers in the german army have to do adegree at the army university, and if they are too thick to study aerospace engineering, they have to do pädagogik - harsh, but true) as an assistant, so it's a foot in the door and hopefully I should get more hours at the beginning of next year when the money is there. Thank goodness for that, as I was seriously beginning to wonder whether there had been any point to doing my degree at all if I was going to be a secretary forever. Another good thing about it is that I have managed to persuade the people here at the tv company to let me work 4 days a week until my contract runs out in 6 weeks time. Which should keep me from being completely penniless - which reminds me, I have to pay back my appendix operation any day now. Oh joy.
More good news in that my baby brother got his GCSE results last thursday and did stupidly well. And I am stupidly old because that boy is still a baby and cannot possibly be going to sixth form next week and in fact he needs to stop getting older RIGHT NOW.


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