More brackets, anyone?

There is something really boring about entering EPKs (does anyone actually know what EPK stands for? They're interviews, making of the video etc type things...)into the online filing system. Possibly it has something to do with the mind numbing repetition of it all. And I still have about... *looks under the desk*... a huge box full to go.
Thank goodness tomorrow is a bank holiday. This should be a regular thing (ok, I mean even more regular than it already is in Bavaria) - either Tuesday or Wednesday should always have to be a Bank Holiday. Oh, the decadence of only having to work 1 day before getting another day off...
Going dirndl shopping with a colleague who has just moved here from the north of Germany tonight. For those of you who don't know what a dirndl is, it's Bavarian traditional costume, and I'll post a picture of me in my dirndl here later.

Edit: here are the pictures:

Generally they're obviously only worn by bavarians (who actually wear them quite regularly), but it's getting close to Oktoberfest time (September, bizarrely enough), and almost everyone wears a dirndl then. So poor Yvonne is being taken under duress to buy herself a pinafore, blouse and apron!! What fun! I bought mine about this time last year (I went shopping on my own) and got felt up by a big bavarian shopkeeper woman (who meant well, but decided to demonstrate the cleavage boosting properties of tucking your blouse under your bra on my person, and didn't even warn me in advance), so I shall be assuming a kind of bodyguard role in front of the changing rooms...
In other news, I am having great difficulty resisting reading the episode synopses of the final season of six feet under. I have watched seasons 1-4 recently and am just starting season 5, but I so want to know what happens, and the episode guides are calling me... but I will be strong!


oktoberfest at 3:31 p.m.

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